Support staff contract offer for the IU-ECOAQUA (2020/2022), through ULPGC research grants

Support staff contract offer for the IU-ECOAQUA (2020/2022), through ULPGC research grants

Deadline: Until 7th November 2020.

Proposal of the evaluation commission: 21st January  2021.

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According to rule 10.1, the evaluation commission shall be made up of:

a) the Director of Scientific Organisation and Research Promotion (who will act as president);

b) the Director of Information Systems (who will act as secretary);

c) the Director of the corresponding University Research Institute (who will act as a member).

In agreement with rule 10.2 of the call for applications, the commission will draw up a list of selected candidates, in order for each University Institute. (100 points max.):

a. Experience in administrative management (purchases, suppliers, invoicing, internal personnel management, support for the generation of documentation, visitor services, telephone service, etc.) (15 points max.).

b. Knowledge and/or experience in the preparation of technical and scientific documentation (15 points max.).

c. Knowledge of English (10 points max.).

d. Knowledge of other languages (5 points max.).

e. Experience/knowledge of office automation, especially the use of databases, spreadsheets, etc. (5 points max.)

f. Participation in research, development, innovation or cooperation projects related to the institute topics (10 points max.).

g. Postgraduate studies related with the Institute works (15 points max.)

h. Personal interview  (25 points max.).

Deadline for comments: Until 8th February 2021.

Resolution of the Innovation and Transfer Vice-Rector for Research from the ULPGC: 5th March 2021.

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