This new study with the name 'Marine SABRES', in which three researchers from the ECOAQUA University Institute...
The winners were awarded during the PhD ceremony of the new Doctors of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for...
Three researchers from the Tourism, Territorial Planning and Environment (TOTMA) research group of the ECOAQUA...


4th and 5th, November, 2021

Time: 12:15 - 13:15 pm- Round Table.

Place of celebration: Cisco-Webex Web Conferencing - Rectorade of the University of Cordoba (Av. Medina Azahara, 5, 14071 Córdoba, España)

Organizer: University of Cordoba

Research group: TOTMA


17/02/2021- 18/02/2021- 19/02/2021

Three researchers from the Tourism, Territorial Planning and Environment (TOTMA) research group of the University Institute ECOAQUA of the ULPGC: Beatriz Fonticiella Hernández, Elena Proietti and Inmaculada González; participate in the programme 'Women and Girls in Science', organised by the Canary Islands Agency of Research, Innovation and Society of Information (ACIISI - GOBCAN) in Spain. 

Place of celebratión: Google Meet or Zoom Web Conferencing

Organizer: Canary Islands Agency of Research, Innovation and Society of Information (ACIISI)

Research group: TOTMA



Time: 12.00 pm

Inmaculada González Cabrera, head of the IU-ECOAQUA’s TOTMA group, receives a runner-up prize for her work "Dismantling the collaborative economy: towards a new way of marketing products and services". Her aim is to differentiate new forms of collaborative economy from those that just hidding more traditional businesses. 

Place of celebration: Aula de Piedra. Rectorade of the ULPGC (Juan de Quesada, Street. 30).

Organizer: ULPGC

Research group: TOTMA


The IU ECOAQUA is a research centre that belongs to the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, a public institution that offers a wide range of degrees in all the major areas of knowledge, with the aim of providing comprehensive training to those who come to it, in a commitment based on innovation, quality and internationalisation.