Researcher contract for the INVESTIGO program of the EOMAR group.

Researcher contract for the INVESTIGO program of the EOMAR group.

Contract under the INVESTIGO program (Government of the Canary Islands) within the framework of the Next Generation EU Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, for a full-time contract researcher (ICP2) in the research project, for 1 year.

REQUIREMENTS: Degree in biology or marine sciences or veterinary or pharmacy or environmental sciences or similar.


-To be 16 years old or older and not yet 30 years old.
-Be unemployed and registered as a job seeker in the Canary Islands Employment Service at the time the contractual relationship begins.
-Young people who have worked in any type of research position in the same entity, company or group of companies, in the previous 6 months.
-Experience in research activities related to the job position (toxicology, experimentation) will be valued, as well as scientific publications and accreditation of language level. 

Experience in other jobs carrying out similar tasks to those required. Time availability. Ability to work in a team.

TYPE OF CONTRACT: Temporary, until a date to be determined before the end of the project execution period. Full time (37.5 h/week).

SALARY: 2.020,84 €.

WORK LOCATIONS: Facilities of the EOMAR Research Group of the ECOAQUA Institute Research located in the Ciencias Básicas Building of the Tafira University Campus of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Specifically, the contracted researcher will carry out eco-toxicological studies to determine the effect of leachates and plastic additives on marine organisms, especially on planktonic organisms. This position will help to identify which industrial plastic wastes and additives are most toxic to marine food chain. It would generate fundamental knowledge to reduce the impact of plastic pollution in the marine environment. This would help to promote greener industrial development and contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the 2030 Agenda.

a) Adaptation between the academic training of the young person in relation to the research program to be carried out.
b) To have specific studies related to the subject to be developed, such as masters, degrees or/and any that, being approved by the Ministry of Education and Professional Training or the Ministry of Universities, give them greater capacities and competences to carry out the research program.
c) The evaluation of the curriculum vitae and of the candidates must be carried out through the use of a blind curriculum vitae, in order to guarantee the principle of non-discrimination for any reason.
d) Given that the rules establish that the calls for proposals must include the measures that the entity has already implemented as of the date of the application to promote the reconciliation of work, family and personal life and gender equality, for this purpose the applicant entity shall provide the documentation indicated in section b.7) of point 2 of the tenth resolution of the call for proposals.

- Curriculum vitae: Aspects related to the job offer (qualifications, candidate's profile, experience, work capacity) will be evaluated (7 points).
- Other merits (1 point).
- Personal interview (2 points).

Application form (download model)
Blind curriculum vitae (remove the data that allow the identification of the candidate)

Place: Those interested in the contract should send an email to
Deadline: 10 working days from the publication on the ULPGC website. The start date is 17/02/2023 and the end date is 03/03/2023.

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