BRIDGE to AFRICA - 1er Congress

BRIDGE to AFRICA - 1er Congress

20/05/2024 25/05/2024

Coinciding with the International Africa Day (May 25th) and the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the institution organise the first congress Bridge to Africa, to constitute a global knowledge platform with the African continent, with Casa Africa as a partner.

Dates: Monday, May 20 - Friday, May 25

Place of celebration: Rectorado de la ULPGC (Calle Juan de Quesada, 30)

Researchers involved: Ricardo Haroun (BIOCON), Gercende Courtois de Viçose, Félix Acosta, Lidia Robaina y Marisol Izquierdo (GIA), de ECOAQUA.

Research Groups: BIOCON and GIA