The IU-ECOAQUA presents the DEEP LIFE project, which explores the underwater forests of the Canary Islands

The IU-ECOAQUA presents the DEEP LIFE project, which explores the underwater forests of the Canary Islands

The Assembly Hall of the Humanities Building of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) will host next Thursday, November the 17th, at 7 p.m., the presentation of the international DEEP LIFE project, whose main aim is to explore the forests of marine animals in all the world's ocean basins and which will bring together eminent explorers and scientists from 12 countries for a decade.

The admission to the event is free for all attendees until full capacity is reached, and the main organizer is the Biodiversity and Conservation group (BIOCON) of the ECOAQUA University Institute. During the event, we will show the film "DEEP HOPE", (V.O. French, subtitled in Spanish), a work by Vicent Perazio, made with the help of members of DEEP LIFE, whose running time is over an hour, and which is about the marine forests formed by coral reefs in French Polynesia. 

The work of these researchers, which will be explained during the event, will make it possible to discover and map marine animal forests from the polar regions to the tropics, decipher their functioning and vulnerability to climate change, in order to develop management tools for the conservation of these vulnerable marine habitats. The focus of the activities programmed by DEEP LIFE for the year 2022 includes the study of the black coral forests of the Canary archipelago. 

Researchers and members of IU-ECOAQUA, together with other scientists who have participated in the expedition carried out during the last month on the island of Lanzarote, will present the preliminary results of this part of the campaign located in the Canary Islands. Specifically, will speak Emmanuelle Périé Bardout and Ghislain Bardout, as part of the Under The Pole team and as coordinators of the DEEP LIFE project; and Francisco Otero-Ferrer, member of the DEEP LIFE consortium and member of the BIOCON group of ECOAQUA.

This campaign has also counted with the collaboration of the local council of Tías of Lanzarote, the town council of Gran Canaria and the Maritime Cluster of the Canary Islands.




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